Dublin is connected to another seven cities across Europe through Welcome project (Berlin, Madrid, Milan, Salamanca) and Startup Scaleup project (Cartagena, Vilnius, Zoetermeer). The organisation that ensures this connection is The Ryan Academy.

Projected to be 22nd most competitive global city in the Overall 2025 City Competitiveness rankings table from 120 cities ranked. 12.5% Corporate Tax rate in Ireland – amongst the lowest in Europe. However, most startups are not profitable, so why set up in Dublin?

Dublin has one of the best track records for FDI in Europe. Voted the ‘Best to Invest’ by European Metro in 2012 and third best in 2013. Is home to 9 of the top 10 global software leaders and 8 of the top 10 US companies.

Dublin is magnet for Foreign Direct Investment, Forbes names Ireland as the best place in the world to do business, 200 tech startups founded per annum and Ireland is the second biggest exporter of ICT in the world – behind the USA.

50% of the population in Ireland is under 35 years old. The Economist rates Dublin as Number 1 in the world for Human Capital. Dublin is considered 2nd friendliest city in the world. Ireland is number 1 in Europe for people finishing third level education.

€800mln in Venture & Seed Capital available to companies located in Ireland.

Ireland has more VC funding available than any other country in Europe per capita. There are 12 accelerator / incubator programmes in Dublin and “Web Summit” the BIGGEST Technology conference outside the US have place there.

If you want to participate in events involving Dublin or the cities of this ecosystem, please contact either the Coordinator of Welcome and Startup Scaleup, or the partner in Dublin.

27January, 2016
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Coordinator Contact Info

Name: Catriona Lawlor

Project: Welcome, Startup Scaleup

Partner: DCU Ryan Academy


Web: welcomestartup.eu