09/30/2020 9:00 am  -  09/30/2020 12:00 pm

DIGITALEUROPE Shaping the building sector of the future

Digital technologies are critical to make Europe’s construction sector more sustainable. 38% of C02 comes from buildings, not cars, and almost as much of material used in construction turns into waste. The EU must focus on digital-driven sustainability in construction to achieve its Green Deal goals. This event will explore new digital tools leading to efficiencies from building design to dismantling and discuss concrete case studies.

Singapore, for instance, has built a €73 million digital replica of the entire city for civil servants to run virtual simulations before drafting policies. We will explore why this is not happening in the EU, and why there are still too many roadblocks to overcome for planners to adopt similar digital tools. What does it take to digitally transform Europe’s construction sector? Can the RenovationWave initiative and the Circular Economy action plan be the poster child for a digital-first, future-oriented European construction sector?

DIGITALEUROPE, ZVEI, Siemens, Microsoft, and Oracle invite you to a high-level virtual event on 30 September to discuss with policy-makers and industry on how to overcome the challenges to a more sustainable buildings sector.

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