Cartagena is a dynamic city located in southeastern Spain, along the Mediterranean Sea. With a population of over two hundred thousand inhabitants, its economic activity is based on its important industrial port, refinery, shipbuilding industry, services and tourism. The city has an archaeological heritage of three thousand years of history being its Teatro Romano its finest exponent.

In recent years it has been developing very intensively an entrepreneurial ecosystem with the support of various public authorities, universities such as Politécnica de Cartagena and various private entities. Cloud Incubator Hub it´s very active as a leading actor and catalyst of this ecosystem and business sector.

Cartagena has several own initiatives to help new entrepreneurs to develop their projects:

– The Office of Entrepreneurship and EBT of Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena. This office is oriented to advise the entrepreneurial initiatives either from students or teachers and UPCT´s researchers. The Office integrates the activities developed by the Chair of Entrepreneurship of Banco Santander and is based in the Faculty of Business. (

– Parque Tecnológico de Fuente Álamo. Opened in 2004 is the first regional technological park and is a tangible reflection of what the Murcia region, its companies and institutions, are able to bring in R&D and transfer of scientific and technological know-how. It is oriented toward the most important sectors of technological specialization, highlighting the following areas: biotechnology, microelectronics, renewable energy, laser technology, aerospace, robotics, telecommunications, industrial plastics, precision engineering, energy and environmental industry and communication and information technologies. (

– The European Business and Innovation Center of Cartagena, attached to the Development Institute of Murcia´s Region. The Center urged in 2008 the Business Club, which aims to promote the values ​​of quality, professionalism and good business practices as well as promoting cooperation and innovation to grow as a basic principle. Currently, there are about one hundred companies registered in the Club, from sectors of very heterogeneous activities, but which are linked by a clear commitment to innovation. (

– The Business Incubator of the Cartagena´s Chamber of Commerce. Incubators are a temporary shelter structure designed to locate businesses in their first steps in the market, accompany and provide them certain services tailored to the needs of each business project, so that by non profitable managing, facilitates the germinal development of social interest initiatives. (

Cartagena is connected to another three cities across Europe through the Startup Scaleup project. These cities are: Dublin, Vilnius and Zoetermeer. The organisation that ensures this connection is Cloud Incubator Hub. If you want to participate in events involving these four cities, please contact either the Coordinator of Startup Scaleup, or the partner in Cartagena.

Coordinator Contact Info

Name: Andrés Iborra

Project: Startup Scaleup

Partner: Cloud Incubator Hub