Bridging the gap between science and entrepreneurship (Part I)

By: ePlus Ecosystem

Nowadays people search job opportunities or candidates mainly online. However,  existing  website are  generic  and  startups  not  only  face  the  competition  of  big  corporations  but  additionally  the experience  is  not  focused  on  recruitment  across  borders  which  can  be  an  enriching  experience, especially  fit  for  growth  stage  startups  and  talented  individuals.  The  task  to  find  appropriate matches  is  then  even  more  difficult  because  of  the  large  number  of items  to  look  for  and  manual compatibility verification.

Among  other  recommendations  highlighted  in  the  Startup  Manifesto,  improving  access  to  talent  is seen  as  a  pivoting  issue  that  Startup  Europe  is  diligently  addressing.  One  of  the  talent  services developed  by  SE  via  ePlus  ecosystem  (Date-a-researcher)  is  focused  on  innovative  startups  able  to exploit  new  scientific  knowledge  directly  from  the  academy  through  students,  young  researchers, and  specialists.  Our  ePlus  partners,  who  will  overview  the  whole  matchmaking  process,  have  long proven  expertise  of  working with  startups  and  recognise  what  could  or  not  be  a  good  opportunity. Once  a  suitable  match  is  flagged,  each  side  receives  recommendations, guidelines,  and  additional opportunities  that  can  further  support  the  recruitment  process,  such  as  financial  support   for travelling  for  matchmaking  events,  relocation,  or  PhD  recruitment support  for  SMEs  via  other European  Commission’s  initiatives  (e.g.  Horizon 2020 SME Innovation Associate –Funding PhD recruitment in SMEs).

Yet, if this service does not immediately appeal to you, you should be also aware that Startup Europe is working with a broader scope for improving the access to talent. Ultimately, Startup Europe’s matchmaking services for talent are designed for growing a business to an international level backed by excellent technological advancements across Europe. The services provided via ePlus ecosystem include:

  • Date-an-entrepreneur: matches researchers working on exploitable scientific results with entrepreneurs to help them take their research results to the market and reap maximum business potential.
  • Date-a-Researcher: matches researchers with startups looking for specific academic skills or scientific knowledge.


There is still a lot that can be implemented in order to improve cross-breeding of innovation around Europe, but we do hope you make the most out of this initiative. Don’t miss out on the chance to connect with us to explore your options and a roster of resources to grow a competitive and technology-based business building on the pan-European research community and our excellent scientific research results.

Advantages and benefits of the Date-a-Researcher matchmaking process:

  • Specialized recruitment for startups (new/graduated students or high qualified researchers that are seeking different/new projects to participate)*;
  • High visibility to Startups which have enrolled in this process, through Startup Europe and ePlus (We are interested in identifying cross-regional case studies and that will prove to be a great promotional opportunity);
  • Personalized services, including counseling and additional funding lines for the recruitment process;
  • Growth oriented, the Database is international: this allows a European person/researcher who wants to come to work in a startup –be it located in Lisbon, Nice, Baden-Württemberg, or any other European region – to easily find interesting opportunities and, at the same time, enables the startup to grow in its own culture plurality, among other benefits.

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