Box at Work is launching a new brand called Boxie24 Storage

On-demand Self Storage leader, Box at Work,reports it is set to launch a new brand called Boxie24 Storage. The new brand will complete the company’s full-service storage concept.

Boxie24 Storage,, will be a “modern-day” storage solution for families and businesses. With the full-service storage of Box at Work, and the one-stop shop for all storage demands at Boxie24, both individuals and businesses can now use the service. It’s a strategic move for the brand as extensive market research continues to report that consumers in Europe and the U.S. want the full-service storage solution instead of traditional self storage.

Box at Work is the storage by-the-box and item solution. Innovative barcode scanning and software makes this solution perfect to catalogcollections such as books, DVDs, albums and comics. Businesses use this full-service solution for hassle-free archive storage.

Boxie24 is the storage per m2 with full-service. If saving time and money is of value, this pickup and delivery service is the perfect solution. Boxie24 picks up, securely stores and returnsstored items on demand, so the customer never has to go to a self storagefacility again.

Boxie24 Storage will simultaneously launch 28 cities in Germany, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands. The new brand is operated by Box at Work and her franchises and partners. Boxie24 Storage will be priced slightly lower than that of the group’s core Box at Work brand. Pricing starts at 10€ per m2 for storage units.

Quote from Founder and CEO Gerrit Reinders: 

“We are getting great feedback on our service and are looking into more cities with our main focus being the U.S.”

With Boxie24 Storage, the company believes it covers the exact needs of a modern storage customer and is ready for the next step in convenient storage solutions at highly affordable pricing. Being a first mover on the market, they live up to their reputation as industry innovators and continue to find ways to elevate the brand above the competition.

After raising more than 7 million Euro’s, global expansion is the goal with New York being the next stop.  Multiple new locations are being planned in Europe and the U.S. with franchises and partners.

For more information on Boxie24 Storage, click here.