Baden-Württemberg is connected to another two cities across Europe through the ePlus Ecosystem project. These cities are: Lisbon and Nice. The organisations that ensure this connection are: Zeppelin University and Baden Württemberg Connected.

The Baden-Württemberg region is located in the southwest of Germany. Historically, Baden-Württemberg with its 10,7 Mio. inhabitants is one of the most prosperous and wealthiest regions in Europe with a number of well-known companies of the automobile industry, mechanical engineering and the ICT sector as well as a large number of SMEs. Today, around 13.000 companies representing more than 50.000 jobs give distinction to the ICT sector in Baden-Württemberg. For web entrepreneurs, these companies have a huge potential as partners and clients. Various institutions in big and small cities offer a variety of incubation and acceleration support to startups.

bwcon GmbH is a region wide, well networked facilitator for innovation in several technology sectors connected to ICT, e.g. creative industries, e-health or mobility and provides comprehensive advice to both new and expanding companies. bwcon organises a wide range of events in its throughout the year, such as business roundtables, business lunches involving high-caliber speakers from industry, seminars, and other regular events, including a summer academy for entrepreneurs and investments forums. The success of the ecosystem managed by bwcon is based on a set of proven services and initiatives that will be opened to web entrepreneurs from all across Europe within the scope of ePlus ecosystem. Amongst others, services for web entrepreneurs as well as for high-tech startups in general, comprise:

  • Venture Development System:A distinctive online development system for ventures that follows a holistic business planning approach in systematic manner. It allows venture teams to develop interactively their venture. Entrepreneurs are also able to connect to other entrepreneurs on the system and invite experts into their venture development group.
  • CyberOne Hightech Award:Business plan award for entrepreneurs, start-ups and growing companies to present and validate their business concepts. The event provides a platform to get access to potential investors and business partners. CyberOne Award has two categories: Start-ups or spin-offs from research institutions not older than three years and maximum revenue of € 1 million and mid-sized growth companies pursuing high-risk business field diversification.
  • Heidelberg Innovation Forum:Investment Forum for the early innovation phases consisting of a coaching and a pitching day.
  • Summer Academy:Two weeks intensive training for founders and startups on entrepreneurship.

If you want to participate in events involving these three cities, please contact either the Coordinator of ePlus Ecosystem, or the two partners in Baden-Württemberg.

Coordinator Contact Info

Name: Eurico Neves

Project: ePlus Ecosystem

Partner: INOVA+