Apply for the Startup Europe Cross Border Mentorship Week


The CROSS BORDER MENTORSHIP WEEK is an incredible opportunity for high potential startups coming from the five WELCOME Project´s ecosystems to boost their business, gather advices and suggestions while growing their network.CROSSBORDER

This April, from the 11th to the 15th, WELCOME is offering 16 top early stage startups an amazing opportunity with the best mentors in the field of hardware and traveltech.

Over the course of one intensive week, these startups from 4 countries will gather in Dublin for a 1 week immersion programme. They will be running 2 separate calls this event:

  1. Hardware: All startups operating in the hardware space are welcome to apply: from wearable to 3D Printing, from IoT to digital manufacturing and much more… If your startup mixes hardware & innovation, apply now!
  2. TravelTech: You might be building a social platform that helps users pick a restaurant with their friends, a seat pricing algorithm that increases an airline’s profitability, an augmented reality app that raises a visitor’s enjoyment of a city, a network analysis tool that introduces conference attendees to each other, or any one of a million other innovations. If your startup is in the TravelTech space, apply now!

During the week startups will have the chance to learn from their fellow startups in a logic of cross contamination with talents operating in the same sector from a different environment; work with the key players of the Hardware or Traveltech industry; pitch their project to Irish investors and visit some of the big corporates that have their EU headquarter in Dublin.

The week will be characterized by one to one sessions with the experts of different fields and topics; workshops with renowned speakers; corporates visits; keynotes on general topics and pitching sessions.

WELCOME will be selecting 8 startups through each call to take part in the programme. 4 startups will be selected from each WELCOME ecosystem (Berlin, Dublin, Milan and Madrid/Salamanca) to work together for 1 intensive week designed to grow your network and boost your startup.

An international valuation committee will select winning startups taking into account:

  • Value Proposition: pains and needs solved by the company, market opportunity, technology and competitive advantages.
  • Management Team: Strong founding team with complementary skills. Proved track record and relevant past experiences are considered a plus.
  • Stage: minimum viable product/public beta with first metrics is the ideal stage to attend the mentorship week. Traction showed by first figures will be considered

So don´t miss your chance and apply now!

Participation is free of charge, all costs are covered by the WELCOME Project plus each startup will be reimbursed up to €600 for travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses.

  • Startups: will get access to an exclusive week of hands on mentoring approach and support from recognised experts in the field of interest; furhtermore they will benefit from cross contamination and suggestions from other fellow startups taking part in the activity and from the Dublin vibrant startups and corporations ecosystem
  • Mentors: will benefit from the contact with high potential startups expecially smart founding teams and innovative product/service solutions