Startup Europe Comes to Universities (SEC2U) 17th-21st Oct!

Under the wing of Welcome, Startup Europe and the European Commission, Startup Europe Comes to Universities (SEC2U) is set to take place from 17th-21st October!

This will be the first ever edition of SEC2U, and is set to be an exciting platform to bring together Universities, students, entrepreneurs, government, local businesspeople and technology parks across Europe.

What is SEC2U?

SEC2U is an initiative that aims to support universities to hold events within their local startup ecosystems, to connect startup players, and foster a strong culture of entrepreneurship and innovation across European universities.

SEC2U aims to bring together 30 European universities and business/scientific parks with an entrepreneurial perspective, and act as a platform for innovation in society.

How does it work?

Universities with initiatives that support entrepreneurs and startups can sign up to create an event by visiting the signup page for SEC2U.

The events will be supported with additional resources by the Startup Europe University Network and the European Commission, including guidelines and dissemination materials.

Where are events taking place?

Events will be taking place all over Europe, with each event focusing on the local or regional ecosystem in that particular area for entrepreneurs and startups.

There are currently a number of events being planned at universities in many countries, including the UK, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Israel, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Greece and Romania, with multiple universities taking part.

By taking part, you would be part of this exciting SEC2U network, and showcasing the commitment of European universities to create a strong culture of entrepreneurship.

I’m in! How do I sign up?

Just visit the SEC2U page to fill out the short application form!

Let’s showcase the commitment of European universities to create a strong culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in university communities!