FACE: Failure, the road to success- true stories and tips from real entrepreneurs


Out of context that number means nothing, and it kind of feels awkward all by itself. When you look at it closely it kind of feels like a 40%, yet it still means nothing out of context. It’s not a happy number or a scary number it just is. If we add context things might change. According to the GEM (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor) 39.1% of people who could and would want to startup are held back due to fear of failure. You want more context? It turns out that 39.1% is the highest number globally, even before Africa, Asia or South America. Suddenly that awkward lonely number kind of becomes scary, at least for us at FACE Entrepreneurship it is. It’s the dragon we have to slay.

FACE Entrepreneurships has had a very specific mission, to promote a risk taking attitude amongst young Europeans to overcome fear of failure and boost ICT entrepreneurship.

Since our launch at South Summit 2015 we have held 7 of our own offline events and collaborated in many others. One of the events we participate in is Startup Olé.
On September 8th, at 13.00 we will be there with 4 entrepreneurs and ecosystem players that will in a way be our “knights of the round table” sharing their personal stories on failure and success and hopefully helping us slay thedragon that is the social taboo of “fear of failure”.

What can you expect from our panel? You will hear real entrepreneurs share their struggles on their road to success. They will discuss how they overcame different challenges and the lessons learned. From an young Italian, to an investor and social entrepreneur leading “mujeres Tech” we will be able to share the different points of view and you will be able to get the insight that you need.

Learning by sharing is our game and let’s just say that we have gotten pretty good at it, but every event is a challenge that we overcome with the help of our collaborators and more importantly the attendees.
We hope to see you there on September 8th, at 13.00.
FACE Entrepreneurship, it’s worth it!