StartUp Europe Awards presented at Best Practices on energy projects energy day held in Partenalia

The general director of Foundation Finnova, Juanma Revuelta, the leader organiser of StartUp Europe Awards, presented this initiative promoted by the European Commission and implemented with the support of StartUp Europe during Energy day, an event that witnessed the exchange of Best Practices on Energy Projects held in Partenalia’s premises.

This action, which is currently in phase of development, aims at rewarding the startups across Europe and also gathering all the startups awards organisers held in Europe under the umbrella of the StartUp Europe Awards Alliance. This Alliance already counts on members such as Zincshower or Bank of Ireland StartUps Awards.



The energy day organised by Partenalia aimed at discussing the best practices for energy projects in the Horizon 2020. In the session, several project officers and project coordinators explained how to manage efficiently projects on energy.




Group picture of the speakers at the Energy Day held in the premises of Partenalia. From left to right, Nicholas Reynes, Coordinator for Partenalia Office, Ana Nava, Energy Project Officer for Finnova, Manuel Serrano, Head of New Technologies of ETRA, Jan de Pauw, Project Coordinator of Eco Power, Catherine Pinet and Raymond Charlier, coordinator and technical coordinator of Bricker project, and Juanma Revuelta, General Director for Finnova.

The projects presented in this energy day were:

The Province of Liege’s energy efficiency policy – FP7 – BRICKER: Total Renovation Strategies for Energy Reduction in Public Building Stock

NOBEL GRID Project H2020 “New Cost-efficient Business Model for flexible Smart Grids”

BESOS Project “Building Energy Decision Support Systems for Smart Cities”


NOBEL GRID is a project to which the Foundation Finnova is partner, and that will provide advanced tools and ICT services to all actors in the Smart Grid and retail electricity market in order to ensure benefits from cheaper prices, more secure and stable grids and clean electricity.

The results of the project will be tested in real conditions in five different electric cooperatives and non-profit demonstration sites in five EU members’ states:

The electric cooperative of Alginet (Spain)

The renewable energy cooperative Ecopower in Flanders (Belgium) acts as renewable generator and supplier cooperative.

The cooperative Carbon-coop in Manchester (UK).

The public DSO ASM Terni (Italy).

Meltemi eco-village (Greece).

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StartUp Europe Awards promoted at the Spanish Day

The stand counted on the visit of the Head of Sector of StartUp Europe from the European Commission, Isidro Laso, who calls for local organisers to join the StartUp Europe Awards Alliance. In a really enjoyable environment located in the Place d’Espagne in the centre of Brussels (Belgium), entrepreneurs could access information on the StartUp Europe Awards and also on other programmes led by Finnova, such as StartUp Europe Accelerator and the project Nobel Grid, to which the Foundation Finnova is partner.

día de españa

Organiser Committee of the StartUp Europe Awards with Isidro Laso from the StartUp Europe Sector.


‘If you want to join this EU movement, do not hesitate and join us in the StartUp Europe Awards.’


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StartUPest: The highlights of MY-WAY’s second Student Enterprise Conference

By Thomas Ohr 


StartUPest, the second edition of MY-WAY’s Student Enterprise Conference, was organised in collaboration with AIESEC and took place at the beautiful Budapest Music Centre on the 17th of June. Students, investors, mentors and other key players of the European startup ecosystem attended the event to learn from each other and to get inspired.

MY-WAY is a Startup Europe project with the goal to help more students and young adults from across Europe to become successful web entrepreneurs. AIESEC, the co-organizer of StartUPest, is the world’s largest youth-led organization.

StartUPest had a clear inspirational purpose. The speakers, panelists and mentors offered their help and expertise and tried to convince the young audience to follow their passion by minimizing their fear of starting their own company.

The format of the conference was pretty interactive, filled with workshops, round tables and a “Crazy Panel Discussion”. Attendees had the opportunity of presenting their ideas and projects and receive valuable feedback from experts out of different sectors.

The on-stage highlights included a very inspiring speech by Rita Veres who represented the Singularity University and shared some mind-blowing predictions about the future.

Another great speaker was Nick Slater from the London-based organisation Capital Enterprise. Nick gave some very useful tips on how to secure venture capital for your startup. He also advised young entrepreneurs that they shouldn’t be afraid to talk about their ideas. The more you share your idea, the more you develop/improve it. And the risk of someone copying your idea is very low.

Péter Kovàcs, the co-founder of IseeQ and xLabs, shared some of his learnings throughout his entrepreneurial career. He encouraged young people not to be scared if they don’t have a perfect plan for their life/career yet. He argued that every new experience will bring new opportunities and you will learn from them all.

During the event there were also a number of inspiring young Hungarian entrepreneurs who shared their startup experience, agreeing on the importance of a quality support and not being afraid of speaking up, testing new ideas at an early stage is crucial and that’s why all participants should not be afraid of speaking up and to take advantage of the opportunity to talk about their project and get as much advice as possible. A great way to get mentored as an aspiring founder is the BossConnect Mentor Programme, which was also presented during StartUPest.

Veronika Pistyur from Bridge Budapest argued that “a good idea, hard work and a bit of luck is enough to realize your dreams”. Bridge Budapest is offering a fully financed fellowship program for Hungarian university students.

At the end of the day there was a Crazy Panel Discussion, where all panelists and attendees shared their opinions on the topics that were discussed throughout the event. Most guest speakers agreed that in order to start your own company your idea really doesn’t have to be disruptive or game changing. Just get out there and start something. And don’t forget to talk about your idea and to get as much feedback as possible.










Retrieved from http://www.eu-startups.com/2016/06/startupest-the-highlights-of-my-ways-second-student-enterprise-conference/


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About My-Way 

The project will enhance and improve the collaboration and efforts of web entrepreneurship initiatives (hubs, projects, accelerator networks, contests, etc.), web/business experts (accelerators, mentors, etc.), educational actors (business teachers and trainers) and the young adults as the final beneficiaries (through student networks, their alumni and student entrepreneurship centres). The project will create synergies and find ways to embed flexible support services based on the existing best practices to be sustained by the student centres and student networks for supporting the young adults to become web-entrepreneurs.



By Maren Lesche



Two groups of entrepreneurs, researchers and accelerators visited European Innovation Hub today to get a deeper look into the Berlin startup community.

Company visit „Springboard“ is a programme focussing on student entrepreneurship, startups and business acceleration. It is theflagship program of Connect Estonia for business creation and development.

Connect Estonia eng



Springboard has offered coaching for more then 50 startup and growth companies for 10 years and has linked experts and entrepreneurs from various fields. Many of the alumni companies have succesfully raised venture funding. It is supported by the University of Turku, the Technical University Riga, Tehnopol Tallinn, the Sciencepark Turku and the Innovation Center Riga. Laura Kohler, founder and CEO of European Innovation Hub, welcomed the group and answered all their questions.

In the afternoon, 30 entrepreneurs and accelerators from Italy also stopped by at the European Innovation Hub offices in Berlin-Mitte. The delegation was initiated by SMAU. Berkay Kabay and Yannick Müller explained European Innovation Hubs Company Builder approach, the Welcome Startup activities as well as other initiatives supported by Startup Europe.

Smau company visit









Retrieved from http://www.europeaninnovationhub.com/welcome-entrepreneurs-italy-baltics/


About European Innovation Hub:

We grow tech startups in Europe and beyond. We connect corporates with startups driving their innovation stategy and support entrepreneurs in finding the right strategic business partners.

With our programs European Pioneers, Stargate/I3H and Welcome – co-funded by the European Commission – we help startups to scale-up within Europe. By screening the startup community and developing strategic accelerator programs we encourage innovation in corporates, especially SME, by linking them to the right startup communities in Europe and Israel.

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