Startup Europe and DIGISTART organize FCT Entrepreneurship Course

5 weeks, 1000 students, 3 teams receiving a prize

One of the primary objectives of DIGISTART project is to bring a culture of Entrepreneurship into the University. However, students have a lack of exposure to Entrepreneurship at the early stage and that is where it is the job of academicians and teachers to not just focus on the evaluating through exams, but also help students to identify their excitement and provide them some kind of couching support which help them look clearly at the bigger picture.

Hence, Startup Europe through its project DIGISTART collaborated in organizing an entrepreneurship course at Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa (FCT/UNL). The course was designed to train aspiring students from all backgrounds and not only IT field. Around a thousand students participated during five weeks of FCT entrepreneurship course. This course was designed to help students evaluate the business skills and commitment necessary to successfully operate an entrepreneurial venture and review the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship. Students learned about themselves, their decisions, and their goals to determine how entrepreneurship can play a role in their lives. Students also were introduced to entrepreneurship from an economic perspective and the concepts of environmentally sustainable practices and social entrepreneurship.

There were 10 theory classes including subjects like Strategy of Startups, Marketing and Development of a New Product, The view of Investors, and many more. During the theory classes, some speakers were invited from outside the university (e.g. a member from Linehealth, a successful Portuguese startup). The goal of these 10 sessions was to develop the student competency from idea development to funding and establishing a company. The students learned:

  • How to have ideas.
  • How move your idea forward.
  • How to develop a product.
  • How to define, evaluate and build Value Proposition.
  • How to building their startup team.
  • How to establish a culture that will inspire their team to support the vision and mission.
  • How to be good at customer acquisition.
  • How to develop a Business Plan.
  • How to do sales and marketing.
  • How to find the customers and how to get them to buy the product.
  • What are the main benefits provided by communal workplaces for startups.
  • How to raise money.
  • How to pitch investors.

Moreover, there were 5 practical classes during this course. The students distributed to 12 classes. At each class, students were divided into interdisciplinary teams including 5 members each. (The students were from different area of engineering and science).. At the end of classes each team had an idea with value proposition and developed the business model for their startup idea.

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Finally, 12 teams from 200 teams short listed based on their pitch. Then, during one full day, each team got more training about how to pitch professionally. Then the next day, these 12 teams pitched their startup ideas in the big auditorium. Edite Cruz represented Beta-i as one of the judges for the final selection. The top 3 teams were selected to get the prize.


Report of the European Bootcamp organized by EuraTechnologies + Startup Europe

EuraTechnologies organized its first European Bootcamp during the International Cybersecurity Forum in Lille Grand Palais, Lille, France, from the 25th to the 27th of January.

Over the 3 days, 7 startups specialized in Cybersecurity were given an intensive training for an affluent development of their activities. Construction of a business plan, sales strategy, pitch training and meetings with investors are some examples of activities organized by Digital Accerator, EuraTechnologies and the European project, Twist Digital.


Day 1 was all about the Cybersecurity market and pitch coaching. There were startups from several different cities in Europe, including Roma, Warsaw, and London in attendance. After a networking breakfast, the global public presentation expert, Ideas on Stage, opened the workshop by explaining to entrepreneurs how to best pitch in front of investors. Then, each entrepreneur had individual meetings with the experts, allowing them to foster their presentations. The workshop was essential because a good pitch brings a good investment. Over lunch, all entrepreneurs were able to visit the international forum. Many conferences and business meetings were organized, and they had an opportunity to meet potential clients. Thus, a consultant of a leading consultancy group, Solucom, came to animate the second workshop. The purpose of the visit was to give a Panorama of the Cybersecurity Market in France, a topic at the core of the Bootcamp and a great opportunity for the startups that want to set up in France. Later in the day they dedicated their time to marketing. Henri, an expert from Concise, came from London to animate a workshop that dealt with the Marketing of Cybersecurity. EuraTechnologies organized a cocktail party at the center of the exhibit hall, a great place and moment for entrepreneurs to be at the core of a networking event with 800 decision makers! And that’s not all; another networking session was coordinated at the Prefecture of the city in order to give the start-ups, the greatest opportunities to meet potential clients, partners and decision makers.

The second day was D-Day, when important decision makers came to Lille with the goal of meeting entrepreneurs. Chad Fulgham, the Chief Strategy Officer of Tanium and ex CIO of the FBI, the American startup that rose 120 million dollars came to give a master class about how to raise money. That was a deciding moment for the selected entrepreneurs and some opportunity for them to meet Chad Fulgham. The most important part of the Bootcamp were the Pitch Sessions, where 10 investors came to meet the startups. Each entrepreneur had seven minutes to present their business and convince the Venture Capitals to invest in them. Every presentation was followed by a questions/answers session. After a cocktail party organized to allow VC´s and entrepreneurs to speak, there was another marketing session aimed at working on their Go-to Marketing Strategy. The day wrapped up perfectly in a traditional restaurant, where three mentors who participated in the Pitch Session were present. This gave the startups a chance to speak, network, and share their experience so far.


The third and final day consisted of a workshop that focused on sales strategies with intensive training by a sales expert. The purpose was to teach clients the root of an economical model.   EuraTechnologies later made a visit to show startups how it works and to show all the possibilities and opportunities they can get by setting up there. Last but not least, the startups had the opportunity to meet individually for more than one hour the three mentors that participated in the Bootcamp, Pierre Calais, Chad Fulgham and Joseph Graceffa.

The first European Bootcamp and the European project Twist Digital proved to be a success. According to the satisfaction survey, the event was extremely useful for the startups and received the rate of 4.43/5 by the participants!

Here is the list of start-ups that participated to the event:

Utocat, a company specialized in Bitcoins. http://utocat.com/ SecludIT, a company that helps Businesses, Managed Services Providers, Integrators and their customers, with risk management for their data, servers and networks. http://secludit.com/ Inkantor, that offers prompt, safe and cheap exchange of currencies online. https://www.inkantor.pl Solidshield, which provides all the means to measure and cap computational overhead in order to confer the highest security level under constrained execution speed and resources. http://www.solidshield.com/ Unfraud, that gives an anti-fraud system for e-business. https://www.unfraud.com/ Codified Security, that secures your mobile apps. https://codifiedsecurity.com/ UWsoftware, your partner for your web projects. http://uwsoftware.be/ Orway, an Italian IT company


It’s here …..the launch of the New EIP on AHA Portal and New Call for Commitments!

New call for commitments

Join the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP on AHA) and be part of the largest European community of stakeholders engaged in the development and deployment of innovation for Europe’s ageing society!

The European Commission has identified active and healthy ageing as a major societal challenge common to all European countries, and an area which presents considerable potential for Europe to lead the world in providing innovative responses to this challenge. The EIP on AHA was initiated by the European Commission with the following objectives:

- Enable EU citizens to lead healthy, active and independent lives while ageing;

- Improve the sustainability and efficiency of social and health care systems;

- Boost and improve the competitiveness of the markets for innovative products and services, responding to the ageing challenge at both EU and global level, thus creating new opportunities for businesses.

Today, the partnership brings together leading industrial players, research institutes, a vibrant ecosystem of innovators, start-ups, SMEs end-user organisations, regional and national authorities invested in the scaling up of innovative solutions for the ageing society. Together they develop the tools, ideas and innovative socio-economic models that can support the development, deployment and impact measurement of some of the most innovative solutions for active and healthy ageing.

Join the EIP on AHA and help transform the future of our ageing society…..

 The New EIP on AHA Portal and the Call for Commitments has now been launched which allows new organisations to submit commitments as a partner of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing. There are plenty of reasons to submit a commitment and become a partner of the EIP on AHA and you can find out more details about it on the new web portal and the FAQ page.

 Looking towards the future…..

 Over the next three years, the 6 Action Groups of the EIP on AHA will be further developing and implementing their 2016-2018 Action Plans. Horizontal initiatives such as the EIP Repository of innovative practices and the Monitoring and Assessment Framework (MAFEIP) tool will also be developed.

For further information, please consult the New Portal: https://ec.europa.eu/eip/ageing/