Startup Europe connects startups to investors at Codemotion Milan.

Codemotion Milan, the biggest tech conference in Italy, took place at the Politecnico di Milano on the 20th and 21st of November, 2015. Startup Europe was represented by the startups from the WELCOME project during the 2 day conference in Milan. In attendance were over 26 corporates and 1800 developers, designers, makers, and startups. The event included over 100 talks, a games showcase area, a codelab and a startup zone.

WELCOME brought 4 startups from 3 of its ecosystems to Codemotion: OPSH (Dublin), Scriba (Dublin), Savelist (Madrid), and Miito (Berlin).

The event was also attended by 2 startups who were part of the winning team at a Startup Weekend hackathon organized in Dublin by WELCOME and DCU Ryan Academy: Reflex and Double or Quits.

WELCOME startups were provided with a stand in Codemotion’s “Startup Area”, located in the main exhibitor hall and visited by attendees including developers, corporate, universities, and other startups. They were also given the opportunity to attend all conference talks including the keynote address from Rasmus Lerdorf, the father of PHP, and sessions with IBM, Google, SAP, ebay, Uber, and Siemens. 


WELCOME startup Reflex at their stand at the Codemotion Startup Area

As a supplement to the event, local WELCOME partners DPixel and Mind the Bridge organized an “Investor Speed Dating” session, introducing startups to 7 local Italian investors. Each startup was asked to give a short pitch/demo and staff would then match them with an investor. In order to maximize the number of meetings and allow investors to get a good sense of all the WELCOME startups, each meeting took exactly 15 minutes before moving on to the next investor/startup.


Investors and WELCOME startups mingle during private “Speed Dating” session

This is what WELCOME startups had to say about the event:



About Startup Europe

Startup Europe is a European Commission initiative that aims to strengthen the business environment for web and ICT entrepreneurs so that their ideas and business can start and grow in the EU. Uniting European startup ecosystems is its value proposition. Some of its concrete activities are: – Connecting startup ecosystems throughout Europe. – Bridging the gap between investors, corporates and startups. – Creating a bottom-up movement across Europe. – Giving voice to startups to influence new policies (capital markets union, digital single market). – Celebrating entrepreneurship. More information at startupeuropeclub.eu


WELCOME is a project under the Startup Europe initiative that aims to build a pan-European tech startup ecosystem. To that end, WELCOME links startups from five vibrant EU ecosystems — Berlin, Dublin, Madrid, Milan and Salamanca, to customers, VCs, business angels, corporates, mentors and other startups. The project targets aspiring entrepreneurs as well as early and late stage startups with activities enabling them to grow across borders and access the right combination of finance while helping corporates identify the best talents. Project partners include DCU Ryan Academy – Dublin; The Factory, Betahaus and ETventure —Berlin; DPixel, Mind The Bridge, Codemotion and Starteed —Milan; Socios Inversores, Hugin & Munin and Tetuan Valley —Madrid; Bisite Accelerator —Salamanca.

Learn more about us and take part in our activities through www.WELCOMEstartup.eu 

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