Armenian startups invited to apply for Startup Olé, April 26-27, Spain, by 15th March

Calling Armenian startups! Apply by 15 March to go to Startup Olé in Spain

The Armenian tech and startup ecosystem made a thriving development during the last years. In IT sphere alone, more than 12,000 people work in 450 companies and in relevant support structures. Traditionally, there are  strong ties between Armenian startups and the US and Silicon Valley.  Now the Armenia startup ecosystem also reaches out to Europe more actively. This is conditioned by the fact that Armenia used to be an “engineering hub” during Soviet era, where over 30% of all the military electronics, R&D and production took place.

Currently, Armenia boasts top-notch technical expertise incorporated in promising startups which can open new opportunities for European partners.

“In this regard, Startup Europe is proud to partner with “Support to SME Development in Armenia” (SMEDA) project in cooperation with Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF) and Small and Medium Entrepreneurship Development National Center (SMEDNC) of Armenia to support participation of 10 Armenian startups in Startup Ole Conference. The full announcement can be downloaded here.

SMEDA is co-funded by the European Union and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and implemented by GIZ Private Sector Development in South Caucasus Programme. SMEDA is part of the EU4Business and EU4Innovation initiatives of the European Union.

More information about startups in Armenia can be found here: www.eif.am


SEA2Y – Startup Europe final conference

Startup Europe – Discover it’s impact and learn about future initiatives

Startup Europe is holding its final conference in Belgium in February 2017.


  • Learn about what we know about the European startup ecosystems
  • Discover what we have achieved with Startup Europe projects
  • Understand the progress on startup and scaleup policies
  • Engage with future projects and plans
  • Connect with the Startup Europe network

Morning: Startup Europe Data + Impact
13:00 – 14:00 Lunch break
Afternoon: Future: Horizon 2020 ICT32 call & Networking

More information: EventBrite


Roundup of the first ever SEC2U (Startup Europe Comes to Universities) week!

The first ever Startup Europe Comes to Universities (SEC2U) week has come to an end, with over 35 universities taking part, across 18 countries. 

Startup Europe Comes to Universities (SEC2U) is a cross-border initiative that aims to showcase the commitment of European universities to create a culture of entrepreneurship and facilitate connection between the academic and entrepreneurial community.

In particular, it hopes to bring together universities, entrepreneurs, local government and local business people on university campuses across Europe. It is coordinated by the Startup Europe University Network and comes under the umbrella of Startup Europe, a European Commission initiative.

For this first edition of SEC2U, the participating universities hosted 38 different entrepreneurship events on their campuses, all during the same period, between 17th & 21st of October.

The grand opening

The first ever edition of SEC2U was kicked off on 17th October with an event in Brussels at the EBN.

After opening the event and introducing the SEC2U initiative, there was a roundtable entitled “What is the role of Universities in the startup and entrepreneurial ecosystems development?”

SEC2U opening in Brussels startup europe

The week saw a great diversity of events, with the following universities taking part:

Albania: European University of Tirana

Austria: WU – Vienna University of Economics and Business

Belgium: EBN

Croatia: Algebra University College

Cyprus: European University Cyprus, University of Cyprus

Germany: Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg

Greece: Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece, Athens University of Economics and Business

Hungary: EötvösLoránd University

The Netherlands: Maastricht University

Ireland: Dublin City University

Israel: Bar Ilan University

Italy: Polytechnic University of Milan (Creative Industries Lab), Roma Tre University – Department of Engineering

Kosovo: Universum College

Lithuania: Mykolas Romeris University & ISM University of Management and Economics

Portugal: NOVA University of Lisbon, University of Lisbon – Faculty of Sciences

Romania: University Politehnica of Bucharest, AlexandruIoan Cuza University of Iasi, Stefan cel Mare University

Spain: University of Salamanca, U-TAD: Centro Universitario de Tecnología y Arte Digital, University of Cantabria (CISE project), Technical University of Cartagena, University of Granada, University of the Basque Country, University of Extremadura, University of Almeria

United Kingdom: Ravensbourne, University of Sheffield, London South Bank University, GSM London & Formation Zone London

Although all of the events were based on entrepreneurship, each University offered its own special perspective. For example, some universities showcased the culture of entrepreneurship within their own locations (their university or city), and others focused on particular expertise such as raising finance, learning from failure and innovative technologies.

University of Granada SEC2U event startup europe
University of Granada holds their SEC2U event in Spain!
Students wait eagerly at Roma Tre
Students wait eagerly at Roma Tre
Participants at SEC2U Universiteti Europian i Tiranes!
Participants at SEC2U Universiteti Europian i Tiranes!
SEC2U event at TEIW West in Greece!
SEC2U event at TEIW West in Greece
SEC2U event at MRU Vilinius!
SEC2U event at MRU Vilnius in Lithuania
Students participate at the event at MRU Vilnius
Students participate at MRU Vilnius
SEC2U event at Universum College in Kosovo!
SEC2U event at Universum College in Kosovo!
SEC2U events at WU Vienna University of Economics and Business in Vienna!
One of three events held at WU Vienna University of Economics and Business in Vienna!
The event is under way at University of Lisbon – Faculty of Sciences
The event is under way at University of Lisbon – Faculty of Sciences

A great success!

Overall, SEC2U had more than 2000 participants across 38 events hosted by the 35 participating institutions from 18 countries across Europe.

There were more than 1500 tweets & retweets with the #SEC2U hashtag along the week with a total reach of more than 1 million people!

What they said

It was very interesting and inspired me

I could talk face to face with young startuppers, they were so enthusiastic about their ideas

The speeches were really exciting

All in all it was a brilliant week which saw some excellent events and we hope to see you next year!

Useful information:

Startup Europe University Network: www.startupeuropeuniversities.eu
Startup Europe: www.startupeuropeclub.eu
SEC2U contact: Matevz Gantar, University of Salamanca / BISITE Accelerator matevzgantar@usal.es


“Encuentro de emprendedores con motivo de la presentación del programa SEC2U”

Retrieved from Salamanca24horas.com
La Universidad de Salamanca, a través de Bisite Accelerator y USAL Emprende, se ha sumado a prestigiosas instituciones como la Universidad de Cambridge, la Universidad de Dublín, la Universidad Nueva de Lisboa, el Centro Universitario U-Tad y la Universidad de Cantabria, entre otras

El Servicio de Emprendimiento (USAL Emprende) del Servicio de Inserción Profesional, Prácticas y Empleo de la Universidad de Salamanca ha presentado el programa SEC2U del que forma parte la Universidad de Salamanca.

La Universidad de Salamanca, a través de Bisite Accelerator y USAL Emprende, se ha sumado a la iniciativa SEC2U, que ya cuenta con prestigiosas instituciones como la Universidad de Cambridge, la Universidad de Dublín, la Universidad Nueva de Lisboa, el Centro Universitario U-Tad y la Universidad de Cantabria, entre otras.

La sesión, en la que participaron emprendedores, empresarios, investigadores y miembros de la USAL, contó con la intervención de Emilio Corchado, director del programa Welcome, Mili Pizarro, directora del Servicio de Inserción Profesional, Prácticas y Empleo de la USAL, Alfredo Mateos, director de la OTRI en la USAL y Rubén Sánchez, emprendedor y CEO de la empresa BeOnPrice.

Durante la sesión se mostraron las diferentes oportunidades que la Universidad de Salamanca ofrece a los emprendedores para llevar a cabo sus proyectos, así como las opciones que existen para los investigadores en transferencia de conocimiento. Por último, se impartió una pequeña sesión sobre desarrollo de producto y diseño a cargo del emprendedor Rubén Sánchez, CEO de una de las 52 empresas instaladas actualmente en el Parque Científico de la USAL.

SEC2U es una iniciativa avalada por la Comisión Europea (Startup Europe) con el fin de crear una cultura de emprendimiento e innovación dentro de las universidades europeas.

Retrieved: Salamanca24horas, Salamanca (Spain).


StartUp Europe Awards 2016 recognises the best Spanish startups across 9 categories – Startup Olé

  • The 9 winning startups from all over Spain are: Ecoche, WaynaBox, BeOnPrice, Human Surge, eKuore, TubEnergy, Komilibro, Apsu, and Discomon- KienMou.
  • The selected startups will represent Spain in the European finals of the StartUp Europe Awards to be held in Brussels during 2017.
  • The aim of the SEUA 2016 Awards is to highlight local successful models that serve as an example and inspiration for others, and give startups a European dimension.

On Thursday 8 September, the StartUp Europe Awards 2016 recognized 9 startups at the Startup Olé event held in Salamanca, which will go on to represent Spain in the European finals of these awards in Brussels. These startups have previously been recognized in events like ZincShower and Cultural Industries Summit, or in important calls such as H2020 SME Instrument, Climate KIC and Neotec, among others.

The startup ‘BEONPRICE’ won the ‘Startup Pitching International Fair of Entrepreneurship Startup Olé 2016’ award and will therefore represent Spain in the ICT category at SEUA2016 in Brussels. BEONPRICE specializes in Revenue Management technology solutions that help hotels to make business decisions.

BEONPRICE who won 2 awards! (ICT and Pitching!)
BEONPRICE who won 2 awards! (ICT and Pitching!)

The winning startups in Spain are, by category: Ecoche (Environment), WaynaBox (Tourism), BeOnPrice (ICTs), Human Surge (Social), eKuore (Health), TubEnergy (Energy), Komilibro (Creative Industries), Apsu (water), Discomon – KienMou (Cities).

“We want to identify successful models and replicate these across all the local startup ecosystems in Europe. We need these to inspire young people and also help local authorities to develop tailor-made programmes, support programmes and for public-private collaboration. These models will be used many times by external investors to approach local ecosystems”

Isidro Laso, Director of Startup Europe, DG Connect, European Commission.

“Startups generate innovation that improves citizens’ quality of life, social integration, as well as environment and health issues. They prove that anyone in their field can contribute to making progress by taking individual action”

Juan Manuel Revuelta, director of Finnova and StartUp Europe Awards.

StartUp Europe Awards is an initiative promoted by the European Commission and implemented by Finnova, in collaboration with Startup Europe, with the dual purpose of creating an alliance of institutions to support entrepreneurship and innovation and on the other hand, to reward startups across Europe for their work in nine different areas (cities, creative industries, energy, green, social innovation, tourism, ICTs, water and health), across five levels (local, provincial, regional, national and European).

The winners of the StartUp Europe Awards Spain will gain huge visibility across Europe and access to a mentoring programme in Brussels (on European funds, training, visibility, lobbying, etc.), through the Finnova Foundation and the partners of the StartUp Europe Awards, allowing them to develop their projects and make them more viable at a European level.

Press contact
Catalina Valencia


Startup Olé & Startup Europe coverage: Drones and alt energy tech star at Spanish start-up fiesta

Skill and enthusiasm on the Iberian peninsula

Hardware tech such as drones and energy reclamation technology predominated at the Startup Ole conference in Salamanca, Spain last week.

The two day event gathered 100 startups and more than 1,000 attendees to the historic University town in Western Spain. Similar events in the UK would be dominated by app developers or in Israel by cyber security firms – many of them alumni of the IDF’s famous Unit 8200 intelligence unit.

The Spanish crop featured a far more diverse group of companies across a greater range of technologies including energy and aviation as well as information technologies. Among the firms we met were AEInnova, which is using thermal cells to create power generation from waste heat. Applications include power sensors in industrial environments without relying on battery or mains power supplies.

The second annual Startup Ole showcase also featured Canard Drones, a startup that wants to replace specialist light aircraft for drones in calibrating the navigation aides at airports.

“There’s an eccentric element to it and startups are working from the bottom up on technologies,” Joe Haslam, professor at IE business school Madrid and founder of Hot Hotels, explained. “People do what they want to to do.”

Haslam added that unlike the UK and the USA – where places of learning such as the University of Cambridge and Stanford University – act as feeders as incubators for tech startups Spanish Universities don’t fulfil the same role. The University of Salamanca, for example focuses on the arts. Barcelona University has good technology courses but that alone isn’t enough. Madrid Universities tend to act as feeders to big companies. Accelerators in the country service “start-up tourism” without much output, according to Haslam.

Spain has never produced a Nasdaq listed tech firm. Part of the reason is cultural. “Starting a business is seen as disruptive to family life,” Haslam explained. “People don’t believe in themselves.”

There was certainly no shortage of energy, skill or enthusiasm on display at Startup Ole and reason for optimism, when it comes to funding. The Spanish government was mandated to put money into startups as part of the 2008 bank bail-out by the EU.

Startup Ole also incorporated Startup Europe – the European Commission’s initiative for startups. Panels on acceleration trends, how corporates want to interact with startups, universities and their role in startup ecosystems featured during the show as well as a pitching competition that (much like a school sports day) seemed to reward everyone with some prize or other.


Your own correspondent chaired a 30 minute session of disruptive technology during the conference. Alejandro Delgado Sanchez of IBM talked about the application of artificial intelligence in applications such as customer relationship management.

Miguel Amador of Startup Braga discussed how startups lead the way to new products based in nanotechnology and new materials, bridging the gap between science and market in the process. Miguel Arjona of Altran delved into virtual reality and, specifically, in the emerging technologies that will allow a full cognitive and sensorial immersion in the virtual worlds. he mentioned applications including real-time 3D mapping and avatars creation), touch sense through haptic and mechanics globes and brain machine interfaces (EGG headsets).

Article by: John Leyden
Retrieved from: The Register 


‘Consorcio de la Zona Franca de Vigo’ awarded Best Spanish Public Administration at Recognition Awards (Startup Olé & StartUp Europe Awards)

This pioneering award recognizes for the first time the support of Public Administrations to entrepreneurship

• “Consorcio de la Zona Franca de Vigo” was elected as the Best Public Administration for Startups 2016 in Spain

• “Parque Tecnológico de Fuerteventura” was recognized as the Best Public Returning Talent Program 2016 in Spain

During the StartUp Olé closing ceremony the Recognition Awards 2016 were presented, and for the first time rewarded the most distinguished Public Administrations for their support to entrepreneurship and talent attraction in the territory. The general director for Finnova and StartUp Europe Awards, Juan Manuel Revuelta said:

“There are many prizes in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, but never before had they recognized the work of the Public Administration in supporting the entrepreneurship, and we believe that should be done by the project’s will and because we believe in public – private partnerships as a means of economic development and innovation in the territories. Today is Spain, but we intend to replicate this initiative across Europe”.

The jury of “StartUp Olé & StartUp Europe Awards Recognition Awards 2016” chose “Consorcio Zona Franca de Vigo” as the Best Public Administration for Startups 2016, an award picked by its director Rosa Eguizábal, for their commitment in supporting employment and entrepreneurship programmes as ViaGalicia, a powerful startup accelerator of public initiative now in its fourth edition and this year there were 236 business ideas; and also for managing business incubators, economic support for seed capital and their promotion of an entrepreneurial culture.

On the other hand, “Parque Tecnológico de Fuerteventura” was also chosen as the Best Public Returning Talent Programme 2016, an award picked by its director Eduardo Pereira, for their programmes to attract startups, which in a very short time managed to, in coordination with Cabildo de Fuerteventura, allow technology entrepreneurs of different nationalities to develop their talent, innovation and business development in Fuerteventura, generating more than 50 jobs.

The jury also presented two secondary awards in each category: “Diputación de Castellón” and “Ayuntamiento de Logroño” as the Best Public Administration for Startups 2016; and “Fundación InnDEA – Ayuntamiento de Valencia” and “Gobierno Vasco”, the Best Public Returning Talent Program 2016. The other nominees were: “Diputación de Valencia”, “SEGITTUR Emprendetur”, “Diputación de Jaén” and “Diputación de Pontevedra”.

The jury of “StartUp Olé & StartUp Europe Awards Recognition Awards 2016” was composed by Isidro Laso, Head of Sector Startup Europe of the European Commission; Montserrat Pardo, Director of International Relations of Microsoft Spain; Juan Ignacio Navas, Director of lawyer’s office Navas & Cusí; Emilio Corchado, Director of StartUp Olé and Juan Manuel Revuelta, Director for Finnova and StartUp Europe Awards.

Under the Recognition Awards 2016 the Best Media Award 2016 was also given to Juanma Romero, Director of the TV programme Emprende TVE, for his career in the communication and the dissemination of entrepreneurship, and the Best Corporate Award to Iberdrola, for its continued support to innovative initiatives.

Press Contact
Catalina Valencia

StartUp Europe Awards es una iniciativa promovida por la Comisión Europea e implementada por Finnova en colaboración con Startup Europe, con el doble propósito de crear una alianza de entidades de apoyo al emprendimiento y la innovación y por otro lado, de reconocer el duro trabajo llevado a cabo por las startups dirigidas por europeos/as y establecidas en Asia, Europa, Latinoamérica, Israel y Emiratos Árabes Unidos y Estados Unidos, en cinco niveles (local, provincial, regional, nacional y europeo), en nueve categorías (Medio Ambiente, Ciudades, Industrias Creativas, Energía, Social, Turismo, Tecnologías de la Información y Comunicación, Agua y Salud).

Contacto prensa
Catalina Valencia


FACE: Failure, the road to success- true stories and tips from real entrepreneurs


Out of context that number means nothing, and it kind of feels awkward all by itself. When you look at it closely it kind of feels like a 40%, yet it still means nothing out of context. It’s not a happy number or a scary number it just is. If we add context things might change. According to the GEM (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor) 39.1% of people who could and would want to startup are held back due to fear of failure. You want more context? It turns out that 39.1% is the highest number globally, even before Africa, Asia or South America. Suddenly that awkward lonely number kind of becomes scary, at least for us at FACE Entrepreneurship it is. It’s the dragon we have to slay.

FACE Entrepreneurships has had a very specific mission, to promote a risk taking attitude amongst young Europeans to overcome fear of failure and boost ICT entrepreneurship.

Since our launch at South Summit 2015 we have held 7 of our own offline events and collaborated in many others. One of the events we participate in is Startup Olé.
On September 8th, at 13.00 we will be there with 4 entrepreneurs and ecosystem players that will in a way be our “knights of the round table” sharing their personal stories on failure and success and hopefully helping us slay thedragon that is the social taboo of “fear of failure”.

What can you expect from our panel? You will hear real entrepreneurs share their struggles on their road to success. They will discuss how they overcame different challenges and the lessons learned. From an young Italian, to an investor and social entrepreneur leading “mujeres Tech” we will be able to share the different points of view and you will be able to get the insight that you need.

Learning by sharing is our game and let’s just say that we have gotten pretty good at it, but every event is a challenge that we overcome with the help of our collaborators and more importantly the attendees.
We hope to see you there on September 8th, at 13.00.
FACE Entrepreneurship, it’s worth it!


Accelerator Assembly Conference 2015



Accelerator Assembly Salamanca Conference

The main event of the network will be the Accelerator Assembly Conference, in September 2015, in Salamanca.  This event aims to bring together the members of the Accelerator Assembly network to share best practices, understand global accelerator trends and reflect on future models for supporting entrepreneurs.

 The Salamanca AA Conference will be organised in three tracks developed to make the most out of the event:

1.Talks about AA and funding opportunities – added value.

2. Hot Topics.

3. Pitching slots for accelerators and related initiatives.

1.Talks about AA and funding opportunities – added value.
This track is aimed at presenting the many funding opportunities that this accelerator network can provide in order to support and foster startups/accelerator ecosystems in Europe.

It will also present the added value of Accelerator Assembly, as a network gathering the most important accelerators in Europe brought together with the common goal of turning Europe into the biggest entrepreneur/startup ecosystem in the world.

2. Hot Topics:
We have launched an open call to all attendees so that they can propose topics for discussion. The most interesting topics for entrepreneurships and accelerators will be addressed with the aim of supporting all attendees in achieving their goals in the entrepreneur world.

Accelerators can actively participate in the Conference by hosting a talk or panel session on a hot topic of their choice. If you are interested in doing a pitch, please fill the following form: http://goo.gl/forms/Sv8jO8O7Wh

3. Pitching slots for accelerators and related initiatives:
All accelerators willing to do so will have slots to pitch and present their services and projects, therefore gaining a huge exposure and increasing their funding opportunities.

If you are interested in pitching, please, fill the following form: http://goo.gl/forms/JkkdgfrHIA.