NITRO STORY: Motionscloud, insurance claims at your fingertip

Have you already been stuck in an insurance claim process? If yes, you know how painful this can be, not just for the refund process but also for the insurer checking the truthfulness of the claim. However, this long process could be soon a memory: the Germany based Startup Motionscloud [LINK: www.motionscloud.com] is providing a new claim solution for non-life insurers.

Motionscloud is a fast, efficient and cost effective ways to settle non-life insurance dispute. The mobile & artificial intelligence claim solutions enablesin fact to digitize and to automate claims processes through customer centric mobile solution.

Through the Motionscloud estimation engine the value of the damages is estimated in real-time. The evidence can be collected through different media format as text, audio, photo and video. All evidence is thensecurely stored, thus eliminating the possibility of fraud. Finally, Motionscloud enables claim experts to work with customers remotely through voice and video communication in order to complete the claim settlement.  The claim process is thus more straightforward and efficient with a higher customer satisfaction.


ePlus Ecosystem – a retrospective


ePlus connects three local ecosystems (Lisbon, Nice/Côte D’Azur, Baden-Württemberg) to prepare European businesses and potential entrepreneurs for the changing global digital market, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to offer new products and services by digital means, to compete, thrive, and to create new jobs. This is achieved via a unique combination of talents, tools and services of a European scale, in all key elements: team, concept, technology and capital.

In this past 2 years, ePlus has been offering tailored serviced to startups, including mentoring, meet-up with relevant investors, training, networking or funding support for attending relevant events.

Ultimately it is about supporting web entrepreneurs go global. Through a combination of the partnership own experience with external experts, a successful experience is offered to startups helping them reach higher.



ePlus work will continue to offer its services until June 2017 to support the startup ecosystem:

Nitro acceleration programme:tailored and high level training for startups this time taking place in Lisbon during May! Applications will be available soon.

Micro-grants: financial support for startups to participate in events that are useful for their growth strategy. Final round is now open –  http://epluseurope.eu/blog-entry/open-call-announcement-mg-round-4

eMentoring: an on-going process to match mentors with startups – join-in now – http://epluseurope.eu/basic-page/ementoring

eTalent:want to grow your business through direct knowledge transfer from a researcher? Join this on-going service http://epluseurope.eu/basic-page/etalent


Nitro the extreme acceleration event



Startup Europe proudly launches Nitro: the extreme acceleration event. 20 European startups are invited to work with expert consultants, corporates and investors to gear up for the next episode in their development.

Nitro: the extreme acceleration event

Startups in the Growth phase can apply for Nitro: the Extreme Acceleration Event. The event is tailored to the specific needs of startups and will be taking place on the 1st and 2nd December 2016 in Sophia Antipolis, France. Interested startups can apply for Nitro on F6S until November 6 2016 (new Deadlne).

After being selected the startup will be contacted for the pre work on their chosen topics.


During the event, 20 international mature startups will work together with consultants and business angels from Capgemini Consulting, Europe Unlimited, Inovamais, INTRASOFT International, the European Crowdfunding Network, and the European Business Angels Network on topics ranging from customer journey to investment readiness, from sales to innovation management.

Topics Summary (see the extended description and the trainers profiles)

  1. Investment Readiness
  2. Pitching Session
  3. Growth & Internationalisation through European Funding
  4. Growth & Internationalisation Strategies: Sales
  5. Customer Journey Design
  6. Intermediaries to Innovation Management in the Digital Era
  7. Innovation Governance
  8. Negotiating a Technology Agreement
  9. Grow with the Crowd

The key is that the startups themselves choose which topics they want to work on before, during and after the event. They will have the opportunity to use the knowledge and experience of these groups of consultants.

Even more so, delegates of large corporations and investors are present, creating the opportunity for the startups to present their products and receive feedback from representatives of their actual target group and customers. In short, a great opportunity to apply the new insights from the consulting sessions against the standards of the market.

All of this will be set up in a truly interactive way, no long presentations but real working sessions to create value for startups.

Nitro: the Extreme Acceleration Event is open for startups that have the following profile:

  • Mature startup that already has a (small) customer base in the domestic market and is on the brink of international expansion
  • Can be classified as a web-entrepreneur
  • Have a good understanding of the needs to make the next stage


Interested startups can apply for Nitro on F6S until the 6th of November 2016 (New Deadline). After being selected the startup will be contacted for the pre work on their chosen topics. Apply here


Nitro is totally free of charge thanks to the support of the European Commission. Furthermore candidates can also applied for a Micro-Grants to cover part of their travel costs.

More information on how to apply can be found in the “Guide for applicants”.


Junbi, not an ordinary Box!

Nitro stories: Startups looking for the next episode in their development


In the next days, we would like to introduce you three of the most outstanding companies that participated into Nitro: the Extreme Acceleration Event, that took place for the first time in Utrecht in May 2016. Discover what they do and which reasons move experience entrepreneurs to take part to events such as Nitro.

The first startup of the series is introducing in the market a product who raised the curiosity of all Nitro’s attendants and experts present during the two days. Keep on reading to discover more!


Junbi, not an ordinary Box!


Have you ever wished a magic box?

One of the Nitro’s winner has developed one: Junbi.

Junbi is a box that allows small business, event manager and individuals to solve some of their problems by mean of a simple QR-code scan system. How does it work?

Jumbi pic-2

Junbi is a device that collects information about users’ interactions through its sensors, allowing you to track users’ behaviour, improve engagement and increase revenue.

Sound complicated? It is not. Imagine planning an event with only small resources available: you will need for example to manually check-in all the participants, a task that requires time and employees. Junbi offers you a simple solution to automate the task: each participant gets a QR code that is scanned at the entrance of the event with the Junbi box. Junbi is also able to print you the badge. Besides, Junbi allows you to collect data on the participants and it is an easy and affordable plug & play system.

But it is not just that: the Junbi box supports in fact different services, so you can use it for the registration at events but also as time punch system for small companies, or to generate promotion for small retail business. The only limit is your imagination. Junbi allows in fact to integrate your own system and solution into its box.

Behind Junbi there is a team of experienced and creative Portuguese people, who have already created in the past successful businesses. The CEO DiogoRomão, also co-Founder of Monday.pt and two other companies, strongly believes in its new product: “Junbi was born for a real problem to which there was no real solution, so we built one. Now that Junbi is available it can be used for several scenarios and applications. Imagine it as a fast and affordable way to connect the physical world touchpoints to the cloud. Your imagination is the limit. ”

By participating at Nitro, Diogo wanted to consult with experts of different fields to get valuable insights into product life cycle management, as well as investment and marketing strategies. Why should an experienced entrepreneur attend an event as Nitro? Diogo explains “We had a great experience that helped us to rethink our business and strategy. A really powerful hands-on event with lots of experienced and talented people helping you out, along with other great Startups sharing the same passion for making a difference in the world, can only lead to great results, and it sure did.”

If you want to know more about Junbi visit www.junbi.co or contact Diogo https://www.linkedin.com/in/diogoromao


Also take a look at the Eplus Ecosystem blog and website!