Behind every success story is an embarrassing first effort,
a stumble, a setback or a radical change of direction.


Helppier is an online software service that allows you to create helps and tutorials for your site or web application, without leaving it, in a short time using a clean and easy user interface.


Artomatix helps you get your game built faster.
Artomatix helps artists vastly speed up their workflow by automating the “low-level” creative tasks and frees them up to do their real art work.


Standard Access has developed a hardware, software and lock combination that facilitates secure building access using a smartphone or tablet, integrated with a client management platform.


Launched a year ago out of Salamanca, the small Spanish town known mostly for its University, the startup is active in 40 cities in Spain, and has held its own against better-funded competitors, including Helpling, the heavily-backed on-demand cleaning startup founded by Rocket Internet.


Yottabyte is establish with mission to provide high quality consulting in ICT field. Services are provided by independent expert, Krunoslav Hrnjak, M. Sc. E.E., MBA, PMP, a company owner, ICT professional with ten years’ experience.


Employerland has been receiving endorsement of multinational companies like Luxottica or Procter & Gamble, and more than 10,000 people entered the game to compete in the City of Employerland and meet the company of their dreams.


UnFraud allows eCommerce to detect fraud thanks to the power of Artificial Intelligence, thus preventing fraudulent activities, reducing losses and chargebacks, increasing conversions and consequential incomes.


MIITO Precise allows you to rediscover the world of warm drinks. Designed with precision in mind it gives you the freedom of heating any liquid at your very own temperature, directly in the vessel of your choice.


Revoprint provides an online platform solution for printing services to connect local copyshops and their users. With their newest project – 3D-Revoprint – the two founders Artur and Marco plan to revolutionize the 3D-Printing market.


The SmartLink web platform is a leading e-commerce and advertising in-content application.SmartLink technology is based upon unique internet application which transforms the already published images into interactive content.