Startup Europe Map covered in Spanish entrepreneur media!

Over the past few weeks, the Startup Europe Map has been covered in Spanish startup-related media! and El Referente showed their interest in the project by writing articles about our tool, the Startup Europe Map.

The Startup Europe Map is one of their [the Commission’s] projects which aims to connect all players such as startups, investors, accelerators, incubators, universities, public administrations and co-working spaces across the whole of Europe” writes Luis Miguel Belda from

By placing all actors on the map, the level of transparency increases and all practices are made public, which in turn overall promotes good business practices and transparency in general. Registering on the map is very rewarding- investors can find investment opportunities and startups can find the support they need to develop their projects. Furthermore, the creation and growth of startups generates economic wealth, bringing new job opportunities” points out Marta Orchando from El Referente.

We encourage you to check out the articles (both are written in Spanish):

EU Commission creates a map that connects all entrepreneurs actors across Europe” –

Startup Europe Map, a map full of opportunities for entrepreneurs” – El Referente. com