DIGISTART aims to provide a European-Wide ecosystem by connecting two local ecosystems (Lisbon and Malmo) for helping Web Entrepreneurs, especially University students, navigate through the challenges. It further helps to support the academic and research community by proposing academic curriculum to imbibe entrepreneurship skills to university students and to develop Business Analytical Tools that can help digital startups optimise their business models and pricing decisions.

ePlus will connect four local ecosystems (Lisbon, Nice/Côte D’Azur, Heidelberg/Baden-Württemberg) to prepare European businesses and potential entrepreneurs for the changing global digital market, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to offer new products and services by digital means, to compete, thrive, and to create new jobs. This will be achieved via a unique combination of talents, tools and services of a European scale, in all key elements:team, concept, technology andcapital.

STARTUP SCALEUP will build a European ecosystem connecting the players of four consolidated entrepreneurial hubs (Murcia, Zoetermeer, Vilnius and Dublin) in order to  provide a greater range and quality services to ambitious entrepreneurs who want to launch and grow companies focused on the Internet of Things and Services (IoTS).

TWIST connects four existing local web entrepreneurship startup ecosystems and hubs (Rome, Lille, Warsaw, Stockholm) providing new services for web entrepreneurs aiming at scaling up and competing in the global market. Through the application of the “lean startup model”, TWIST will help the accelerated companies to establish several valuable contacts to mentors and potential clients.

WELCOME is working hard to break down the barriers between 5 different major EU startup ecosystems (Berlin, Dublin, Milan, Madrid and Salamanca). Teaming up with local partners present in these ecosystems to identify and engage the most relevant players of the tech entrepreneurial world (e.g. investors, mentors, media, corporates, successful entrepreneurs, etc.) and connect them with prospective, emerging and successful tech startups. In addition WELCOME also aims to bridge the divide between the tech entrepreneurial world and policy makers.