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What is Startup Europe?

Startup Europe is an initiative of the European Commission, which falls under its priority of the ‘Digital Single Market’.

The 4 main objectives of Startup Europe are to:

Advisory Board

Startup Europe has a group of top level advisors with extensive knowledge in the field, to guarantee the success of the initiative and its projects within the European startup ecosystem.

Where to go next?

On the home page, go to ARE YOU A STARTUP?’ to connect to others across Europe, as well as find out about EU funding and legislation.
You can find out about events across Europe in our Events Calendar, as well as read about opportunities in the News section.
If you have a few minutes, read our interviews with successful startups and see pictures from previous events in the Blog.

Ecosystem builders:
Accelerators, incubators, investors, female entrepreneurs, Universities, technology writers or any other ecosystem builders, go to ‘ARE YOU AN ECOSYSTEM BUILDER?’.  

And for EVERYBODY, don’t forget to register on the Startup Europe Map to gain visibility all over Europe!

5 Projects connecting 16 local ecosystems


Following the change in mentality suggested by Startup Manifesto, the WELCOME consortium is committed to accelerating web entrepreneurship and strengthening its environment in the five local ecosystems through the execution of several activities by organising joint activities with the involvement of players from the five local ecosystems. There are specific activities related to the different stages of the startup lifecycle.


Our ecosystem will offer web-entrepreneurs world class services, liaise entrepreneurs with European leading early stage venture and crowdfunding networks and put them in contact with the most active mentors currently engaged in national/regional programmes; and will match rising entrepreneurial talents with the very best of Europe’s science and technology experts.


To help web entrepreneurs create the next generation of scalable Internet companies by providing services tailored to the specific requirements of the IoTS paradigm; to encourage investment for growth by creating a marketplace for investors that has critical mass.


Project DIGISTART will create an innovation ecosystem that will support Entrepreneurs at various phases of their business. An integrated approach will provide the synergies for not only sharing knowledge and expertise across projects at various phases but will allow financial sustainability of the project beyond the initial project funding phase.


TWIST´s unique proposition model aims at cutting the high failure rate of web and mobile companies, through the involvement of motivated mentors. The application of new models for business startup creation, including the “lean startup model”. The promotion of a tailored management process for new startups. The access to the right type of finance. The valorisation of the networks to access new markets (connecting Rome, Stockholm, Lille and Warsaw stakeholders).


Twist Digital

Startup Scaleup

ePlus Ecosystem

Isidro Laso, Head of Startup Europe, explains the initiative

Slideshow on Startup Europe